Courtois Flugel Horns

Courtois Flugel Horns are widely recognised as being among the finest made today. One of few companies to offer a choice of 4 valve models as well as the standard 3 valve set-up.

Originally started by his father in 1789, Antoine Courtois (1770-1855) moved his workshops to 21 rue du Caire in 1803. Included among his instruments of this era were semi circular trumpets sounding similar to the horn, slide trombones, flugelhorns with keys, horns and a few ophicleides.

By the 1850s Courtois were working with Jean-Baptiste Arban  and in 1878 the Antoine Courtois business won the gold medal at the Universal exhibition in Paris for the quality of their instruments “of an excellent workmanship and impeccable accuracy.