French Horns

French Horns are among the most confusing instruments to non-players! While the horn is pitched in F, Bb or both (compensating and double horns), the player always thinks and reads in F (except when transposing but that’s a whole other topic) using different fingerings depending on what pitch of horn is used. French horns have the second longest basic length of tubing (i.e not including valve slides) at approximately 12 feet, only the tuba is longer.

We stock:

Single horns in F or Bb: these are often compact and designed for young players. Beginners should ask their teacher which type of horn to get, most start on F but some teachers prefer Bb.

Compensating horns: these combine the F and Bb horns by adding some extra tubing which makes them light and easy to handle, compact versions are also available.

Double horns: sometimes referred to as “full double”. Like having two instruments in one for the best flexibility and intonation across the horn.

Other horns such as descant and triple horns are available to order and may occasionally be in stock.

Instruments listed as being in stock are available to try if you are able to visit us or to buy online.

Instruments listed as “to order” can be purchased online but we recommend contacting us for an estimated delivery date before ordering.
All of our instruments are checked and set up before we send them to you.
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