Lidl French Horns

Since 1892 Josef Lidl Brno brass instruments have been one of the leading manufactures in the world. Thanks to the combination of dedicated traditional workmanship and modern production techniques, we are in a position to produce durable instruments with an outstanding tone and excellent intonation. And because we still use, when required, the old tried and tested craftsmanship methods we can cater for changes and special models.

We keep a range of Lidl French Horns in stock, this usually includes the popular compensating models – the compact LHR327 and full size LHR340.

Instruments listed as being in stock are available to try if you are able to visit us or to buy online.
Instruments listed as “to order” can be purchased online but we recommend contacting us for an estimated delivery date before ordering.
All of our instruments are checked and set up before we send them to you.
Our current stock of second hand Brass can be viewed here.