Yamaha Trumpets

Yamaha Trumpets are among the best known and most respected on the market. With a range offering trumpets for all players from beginners to top level professionals Yamahas can be found in some of the best orchestras and ensembles throughout the world.
They produce trumpets in Bb, C, Eb, Eb/D, E/Eb, G/F and piccolo Bb/A. They also make rotary valve trumpets in Bb, C and piccolo Bb/A and herald trumpets in Bb. Any trumpet not listed here is available on request, please contact us for a price if required.
Student and intermediate models are designed to make playing easier for beginners and young players whilst still sharing some features of the professional range. Xeno, Custom and Artist series trumpets have been designed with some of the world’s finest players.
Yamaha Artists include Louis Dowdeswell (YTR-6335RC), Wayne Bergeron (YTR-8335LA), Andrea Tofanelli, Aleš Klančar (YTR-9335CHS, YTR-9445CHS) and Huw Morgan.