Arnolds Terra Trumpets

Arnolds Terra Trumpets offer excellent value for money and are built at the renowned Andreas Eastman factory in China.
ATR-4200G and ATR-5200GSG are student/intermediate level trumpets whilst ATR-8837 and ATR-8843 are based on the popular Bach Stradivarius trumpets with 37 and 43 style bells.
The Arnolds Terra Eb/D trumpet (ATR-4600GS) is a fantastic choice as an inexpensive Eb/D which plays as well as models which sell for around three times the price!

Arnolds & Sons say:

The fundamental characteristics of the Arnolds & Sons® trumpets are, solid workmanship, long lasting materials, as well as intonation and response characteristics that ideally support the aspiring student.

Concept Terra

The concept of the Terra range is where ideas become reality. Introducing professional features in instruments that are absolutely economically manufactured, the Terra range defines a new segment.

Response and intonation characteristics are based on the heightened expectations of experienced musicians. The choice of materials and workmanship complement an attractive offer for the demanding instrumentalist.