Weril Trumpets

Our current stock of Weril Trumpets are models based on the classic Bach Stradivarius 37 and 43 trumpets in lacquer and silver. These trumpets are ideal for anyone who wants a Bach-type sound and blow at a fraction of the price.

Weril, as a Brazilian company, was founded in 1909 in São Paulo, having its origins in Austria.

Franz Weingrill, a “Meister – Blasinstrumentenbau” (Master in the manufacture of wind instruments) taught the trade to his son Pedro, who later joined the thousands of European immigrants who came to Brazil in the late 19th century.

In a studio on Rua Florêncio de Abreu, in downtown São Paulo, Pedro Weingrill transformed his dream into a century-old family business. He passed on the passion, arts and crafts of making instruments to his descendants.

Weril instruments are designed to provide the best performance and durability, generating safety, satisfaction and freedom of expression when playing.