We stock a large range of Clarinets by manufacturers such as Buffet, Selmer, Leblanc, Uebel, Jupiter and Yamaha. This includes Bb, A, C, Eb and Bass. Basset Horn, Alto and Contra Alto/Contra Bass Clarinets are also available on request.

Instruments listed as being in stock are available to try if you are able to visit us or to buy online.
Instruments listed as “to order” can be purchased online but we recommend contacting us for an estimated delivery date before ordering.
All of our instruments are checked and set up before we send them to you.

Suitable for beginners or anyone for whom the weight of a wooden instrument would be problematic, these are durable and light-weight.

The best choice for more advanced players, wooden clarinets offer a richer sound with more expressive capability. For a first wooden instrument consider the Jupiter 750S, Buffet E11, Yamaha 450 or Uebel Classic.

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