Second Hand Cor Anglais

Second Hand Cor Anglais

We often have second hand Cor Anglais available in addition to our regular selection of second hand oboes.

The Cor Anglais, also known as the English Horn is the tenor member of the oboe family (oboe = soprano, oboe d’amore = alto). Pitched in F, a perfect fifth lower than the oboe, the Cor Anglais produces a mellower sound. The fingering and playing technique are essentially the same as those of the oboe and it is played by oboists when required. The cor anglais normally lacks the lowest B♭ key found on most oboes and so its sounding range stretches from E3 (written B♮) below middle C to C6 two octaves above middle C.

Suitable for beginners or anyone for whom the weight of a wooden instrument would be problematic, these are durable and light-weight.
The best choice for more advanced players, wooden instruments offer a richer sound with more expressive capability.

Our second hand instruments are serviced before being offered for sale, and are subject to six months guarantee. This may not apply to instruments being sold on commission. VAT is not chargeable on our second hand instruments.

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