Alto Flutes

We stock a range of Alto Flutes by Pearl, Trevor James and Yamaha. They are larger than the standard C flute and are pitched in the key of G. The tube of the alto flute is considerably thicker and longer than a C flute. This gives it a greater dynamic presence in the bottom octave and a half of its range.  They are used in orchestras and in flute choirs to provide that lower flute voicing. Composers such as Stravinsky (in the Rite of Spring), Ravel (Daphis and Chloe), and Holst (The Planets) included them in their orchestrations.

Headjoints are built in ‘curved’ and ‘straight’ versions. The curved headjoint is frequently preferred by smaller players because it requires less of a stretch for the arms, and makes the instrument feel lighter by moving the center of gravity nearer to the player. However, the straight version is more commonly used for better overall intonation. Some models are supplied with both types of headjoint to give the player the choice, this is also a good option for schools or ensembles buying an alto flute which may be used by different players.