Bass Flutes

Bass Flutes are the lowest commonly used member of the flute family. They are in the key of C, pitched one octave below the standard concert flute. Because of the length of its tube (approximately 146cm/57″), it is usually made with a curved head joint. Bass flutes are most often made with silver-plated bodies and head joints. Most basses come with trill keys which allow the player to stabilize some otherwise unstable middle register notes as well as trill between otherwise impossible notes. Kotato basses have addressed the weight problem of bass flutes by designing a graphite rod that screws onto the underside of the instrument and then rests on the chair seat between the player’s legs. Adjustable rods have also been developed by Jeff Amos. Other manufacturers have added a left hand thumb support called a crutch, which helps some players with physical control of the instrument. Dutch flute maker Eva Kingma has created a vertical design for the bass flute which allows the weight of the instrument to be supported by the floor.
We keep Pearl bass flutes in stock with other makes such as Yamaha and Trevor James available to order.

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