We stock a large range of Saxophones by manufacturers such as Selmer, Yanagisawa, System ’54, Buffet and Yamaha. Saxophones come in a variety of different sizes and pitches:

Sopranino – The smallest saxophone we stock, this is pitched in Eb, an octave above the alto.

Soprano – Pitched in Bb, the soprano sax is made in two configurations: straight and curved.

Alto – Pitched in Eb, this is the most common sax for beginners due to its managable size, also available with reduced key work (Trevor James Alpha Sax).

Tenor – Pitched in Bb, the tenor sax has been the choice of many jazz soloists over the years.

Baritone – Pitched in Eb, the baritone sax is the largest in common usage although bass and contrabass saxes are made.

Buying from us:
Instruments listed as being in stock are available to try if you are able to visit us or to buy online.
Instruments listed as “to order” can be purchased online but we recommend contacting us for an estimated delivery date before ordering.
All of our instruments are checked and set up before we send them to you.

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