Alto Saxophones

Alto saxophones are very expressive and vocal intruments. Alto Saxophones are the most common saxophones found on the market. Pitched in Eb, it is very commonly used in jazz big bands, chamber music ensembles and marching bands. It’s smaller than a tenor saxophone but larger than a soprano. The alto is capable of being more lyrical and plaintive than the larger tenor. It is often the choice of those who value swiftness of playability. That’s not to say that you can’t play fast on a tenor. The higher pitch and enhanced clarity lend the alto a little more definition when the going gets frantic.

Alto Saxophones are the natural choice for beginners. The alto saxophone  looks and sounds as you’d expect a saxophone to. Compared with the tenor it is lighter, slightly quieter, takes less puff, less finger stretching and is cheaper to buy or rent. Light weight and easy to play, they are the ideal saxophone to learn on, and develop skills and confidence. Great for teaching and encouraging children. They have also been used as a lead voice for many popular performers of many different genres. The crisp articulation of Charlie Parker in the Bebop era, the clean, airy smoothness of Paul Desmond, or the funk grooves of David Sanborn spring to mind. Popular makes are  Yamaha  Yanagisawa  System 54  and  Selmer