Baritone Saxophones are the largest of the four most common members of the saxophone family. Pitched in Eb, an octave below the alto sax, the Baritone is often heard in saxophone quartets, jazz ensembles, pop/funk bands, wind bands and big bands. Although less commonly, orchestral music sometimes requires a Bari Sax – Richard Strauss, Béla Bartok, Charles Ives and George Gershwin all included parts for baritone saxophones. When Adolphe Sax designed the instrument he included a version in F for orchestral use which was ultimately unsuccessful as the saxophone failed to become a regular member of the orchestra.

Well known players include Hamiet Bluiett (who has also led a group of baritone sax players), John Surman, Scott Robinson, James Carter, Stephen “Doc” Kupka of the band Tower of Power, Nick Brignola, Gary Smulyan, Brian Landrus, Ronnie Cuber and Lisa Simpson (although the exact specification of Lisa’s sax is unknown).