System 54 tenor saxophones are rapidly gaining popularity amongst all kinds of saxophone players. No wonder if you take a close look at these gorgeous saxophones. Built with great precision, research and development took 3 full years.
New for the year 2012 are a few refinements: First, and the most eyecatching is the new neck receiver in fabulous vintage shape, as they did in the forties and fifties. Furthermore we have altered the shape of the quick F and auxiliary F in a round shape with pearl.
We think System 54 tenor saxophones are saxophones with a lot of character. Character in the sound they make, with resonance & warmth, & great character in the way they look. Priced low enough for a first up-grade they are also more than good enough for professional use & are indeed being used by a growing number of serious performers. Call into Trevor Jones Brass & Woodwind & try one out. We think you will be impressed.