We normally keep these Yamaha Tenor Saxophones in stock.
Yamaha Tenor Sax YTS-280  Standard model. the YTS-280 is perfect for a beginning student & features high quality at a student model price.
Yamaha Tenor Sax YTS-480  The new 480 is a great step horn for players of all levels who need more from their instrument.
Yamaha Tenor Sax YTS-62  Professional model. Yamaha’s 62 saxes are used by leading professional players worldwide because of it’s excellent playability.
Yamaha Tenor Saxophones are available in the following finishes.

  • Lacquer, the default finish
  • Silver plated
  • Black lacquer, which is really eye catching
  • Unlacquered

Do come to the shop and give these great saxes a tryout. Please bring your own mouthpiece.