Yanagisawa Saxophones are among the best and most popular on the market today and are known for their vibrant sound and ease of play. Played by professional musicians in a wide variety of genres, Yanagisawa make sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones.

The highly rated WO series alto and tenor saxes have now been joined by WO soprano and baritone saxes.  Designed as upgraded replacements to the popular 90 Series Baritone range and previous Curved Soprano instruments, the new WO ‘Professional’ and ‘Elite’ saxophones offer a host of new features that vastly improve tone and increase playability.

Yanagisawa artists include Edward Leaker (A9932J and S992), Jess Gillam (AWO20U, A992U, T992U, SS91SP, and SWO2U), James Gardiner-Bateman (A9932J), Matt Telfer (A992U, T992u and S901), Peter King, and Sue Mckenzie (S902 and B992).

Yanagisawa Soprano Saxes

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Yanagisawa Baritone Saxes

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