Curved Soprano Saxophones

Curved Soprano Saxophones are made in a similar shape to the larger members of the saxophone family such as the Alto & the Tenor saxes. Traditionally this has made intonation more challenging which is why many sopranos are straight, much like a clarinet, but modern manufacturers have started to make this an outdated view. We typically stock curved soprano saxes by Trevor James, System ’54 and Yanagisawa. System 54 call them “Curvies” and offer three finishes. These finishes are  Pure Brass  Vintage Style  and  Vintage Gold.

Soprano saxophones, renowned for their petite stature and soaring pitch, stand as the diminutive yet melodious counterpart among the quartet of saxophone sizes prevalent in contemporary music. Embodying the key of B♭ akin to their tenor brethren, soprano saxophones often find themselves in the hands of tenor sax players, who adeptly navigate the transition between these instruments. Within the realm of soprano saxophones, two distinct configurations emerge: the straight variant, evoking a timbre reminiscent of the oboe’s crisp resonance, and the curved rendition, renowned for its mellower tonality and heightened projection, courtesy of the upward-pointing bell.

Among the illustrious custodians of the curved soprano saxophone stands Jan Garbarek, a luminary in the world of jazz whose musical explorations transcend genres and borders. Hailing from Norway, Garbarek’s virtuosity knows no bounds, as he effortlessly traverses the realms of jazz, classical, and world music with his soul-stirring performances. Renowned for his mastery of the curved soprano saxophone, Garbarek’s evocative melodies and transcendent improvisations have etched an indelible mark on the global music landscape, cementing his status as one of the foremost ambassadors of the instrument. Whether weaving intricate tapestries of sound in jazz clubs or enchanting audiences in concert halls worldwide, Jan Garbarek’s celestial saxophone soliloquies resonate with a timeless allure, captivating listeners and evoking emotions that transcend language and culture.