At Trevor Jones, we offer a good range of Clarinet Accessories, catering for every clarinettist’s needs. We believe that no player can be without a good selection of accessories and cleaning products to get the most out of their instrument and their playing experience. Offering a selection of Clarinet accessories such as reeds by Rico, Vandoren and Buffet, to our wide range of Yamaha mouthpieces and caps we have got all your playing needs covered. As well as offering gig bags and cases to protect your instrument, we provide Ligatures and Lyres, reed cases and mutes. Clarinet stands are also available, which provide excellent support for gigs and concerts, or for simply holding the instrument during home playing or practice. Cleaning products which are essential to the care and safe upkeep of your instrument are also available. Key oil, Cork and slide grease by La Tomba as well as pull through swabs and mouthpiece brushes are useful products for players at any level.