Oboe Accessories are essential to the upkeep and cleaning of your instrument, and there is a myriad of Oboe Accessories essential to ensure the instrument is kept in perfect condition and continues to play well. At Trevor Jones we offer a wide range of products to ensure there is something available for every player’s needs. Polishing cloths and pull-through swabs make sure that the instrument is free from a build up of grime and dirt, and also prelong the life of the instrument itself. Products such as La Tromba’s cork and slide grease can help to ensure smooth and easy playing, while oboe swabs should always be used after the instrument is played. Whether travelling to a gig or a music lesson, every player should have a sturdy case to ensure the instrument is stored safely. Additionally, our Oboe stands help to maintain a good posture whilst playing and can safely store the instrument whilst it is not being played.