Tenor Sax Ligatures

Tenor sax ligatures are devices that fix the reed to the mouthpiece. Every saxophonist needs one (or more!) and these days there is plenty of choice. The various materials and constructions all make a difference to the sound and response of the saxophone and a player’s preference will also be influenced by their choice of mouthpiece and reed.

A basic metal (brass with nickel or silver plate) ligature will do the job initially and this type is supplied with most instruments.

With a fabric or leather ligature, more advanced players often benefit from an improvement in response in the high and low registers. Articulation is also better. The fabric ligatures we keep in stock are made by Rovner with various models to choose from.

Tenor sax ligatures, as well as mouthpieces and instruments, can be tried in the shop  – please contact us to arrange an appointment.