Vandoren Tenor Sax Mouthpieces, specifically the V5 series, boast a traditional round chamber that caters to both classical and jazz musicians. With a diverse range of models, these mouthpieces offer versatility to players seeking distinct tonal characteristics. The JAVA ebonite mouthpieces, tailored for jazz, soul, and funk genres, provide a sound concept akin to metal mouthpieces while maintaining the comfortable feel of ebonite.

For those seeking a more impactful and forceful performance, the Jumbo Java stands out as the most robust option in the lineup. Crafted with a small chamber, a high baffle, and a large bore, it generates a powerful and aggressive tone with remarkable projection—comparable to the sharp and edgy qualities found in metal mouthpieces.

Enter the V16 TENOR mouthpiece, available in seven openings and two different chambers. This series further expands the options for players, allowing them to fine-tune their sound based on individual preferences. Whether pursuing classical finesse or pushing the boundaries of jazz and contemporary genres, Vandoren Tenor Sax Mouthpieces provide a spectrum of choices for discerning musicians.