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French Horns consist mainly of about 12-13 feet of tubing coiled into a flared bell. The French Horn is based upon a rotary-valve system and has an extensive range from a low C two octaves below middle C and extending right up to a C two octaves above middle C.

The most common type of single French Horn sounds in F. When you play a C, the pitch on the piano is an F below that. Double and compensating double horns can also play in Bb. This allows advancing players to more accurately pitch notes in higher registers. Compensating double horns are very popular as they have the flexibility of a full double, but are lighter and easier to play. Some French Horn music is written specifically for F/Bb Horns. At Trevor Jones we stock a full range of French Horns, from student models, to professional horns. Professional ranges would include horns by Holton and Yamaha.

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