CarolBrass Pocket Trumpets offer the combination of excellent quality and great value. Utilising the same fantastic valve block as the rest of the CB trumpet range there are various models suitable for light-weight, space saving travel, right through to trumpets you could be proud to perform on.

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CPT-1000-YSS – Mini pocket trumpet available in Bb and C, currently the smallest playable trumpet on the market!

CPT-3000 – Available with full size or extra-large 5.25″ diameter bells and a wide variety of finishes.

CPT-4000-YLS-C – Pocket trumpet in C, with its individual design this is not simply a cut-down Bb and plays remarkably well in tune.

CPT-7000-GLS –  Dizzy bell pocket, also available with 5.25″ bell. A bit larger than the others and great for performers who want to stand out from the crowd.

CPT-3002-RLM(D)-SLB – Arturo Sandoval model. Based on the popular CPT-3000, this large bore version is very free blowing and really can compete with a full size trumpet!