Buffet Clarinets: Buffet Crampon is a French manufacturer of woodwind musical instruments, including oboes, flutes, saxophones, cor anglais and bassoons; however, the company is perhaps most famous for their clarinets, as Buffet is the brand of choice for many professionals.

Buffet make a full range of clarinets from the Prodige (and its forerunner, the ever-popular B12) ABS clarinet through to top-end professional models such as the R13 Prestige and Tradition and Tosca. We keep many of these in stock alongside models in A, E flat, and C, and the Prestige bass clarinet.

Buffet Crampon began manufacturing musical instruments in 1825 exclusively in France, but has since expanded their business to include production facilities in Germany and China as well. Since the company’s conception, Buffet Crampon has expanded to a worldwide market. Jérôme Perrod, Buffet Group’s Chief Executive Officer, runs the Buffet Crampon, Besson, B&S, Antoine Courtois, Hans Hoyer, J. Keilwerth, Meinl Weston, Powell Flutes, Scherzer, and W. Schreiber brands.