Selmer Saxophones

Ask any saxophone player, and they’ll tell you that Selmer saxophones are the standard by which all other saxophones are measured. They are world renowned for their quality both in manufacture and in musical tone. Not only is a Selmer saxophone the clear choice of most professionals, but it is one of the most commonly played saxophone for students as well. With models appropriate for a wide range of experience and budgets, there is a Selmer saxophone for everyone from the beginning student to the seasoned professional.

Thet still represent the gold standard by which others are compared. Since they first developed the Mark VI in 1954, Selmer’s best saxophones have been a clear favourite of students and professionals alike.

The Mark VI set the standard for all saxophones, becoming the choice of jazz greats from Phil Woods to Branford Marsalis to Kenny G. If you’ve listened to jazz music at all, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with the warm, full bodied tone of a Selmer saxophone.

And while the classic Mark VI is still a clear favorite amongst jazz musicians, the newer Selmer models have continued to be well received by a diverse group including Gary Bartz, Ralph Bowen, Fred Hemke, and Mark Colby.

While there are certain tonal characteristics (warm, full bodied) which are common to Selmer saxes in general, there are differences between one Selmer sax and the next. Silver saxophones, for instance, tend to be warmer and more full-bodied, whereas clear lacquered saxophones tend to have a brighter sound.